Trip to Karlovy Vary: 11.01.2018

11.01.2018  Students from the English Holidays in Prague went on an excursion to the beautiful city –  Karlovy Vary!

A trip to Karlovy Vary is one of the main thing to do, when traveling to the Czech Republic.

So our students had a wonderful opportunity to see this famous and largest resort in the Czech Republic. After an intense week, a walk through the romantic Karlovy Vary with their relaxing and inspiring atmosphere is defiantly among the most desirable activity! For several centuries’ people from all over the world used to come to Vary for their healing mineral water. Frideric Chopin, Peter the Great, Johann Goethe, Nikolai Gogol, Sigmund Freud, Antonio Banderas, Renee Zellweger and others rested and treated here.

The construction of the city began in the 15n century, but it was finished only a couple of years later. Many writers and poets, artists and composers came to the picturesque Karlovy Vary for their inspiration.

Our students have walked around the city, have drunk healing water, have listened to the excursion and have made beautiful photos. Karlovy Vary is a great way to relax from the city’s bustle and enjoy the bohemian architecture along with the beautiful forests that surrounded the city.