Trip to Dresden 11.01.2020

Trip to Dresden

A trip to Dresden is always filled with impressions, so the International Union of Youth is happy to organize tours for its students in this city rich with attractions. Students on winter holidays went to visit the capital of Saxony on January 11, 2020.

Dresden is considered to be a city of contrasts, what was also noted by our students, who walked along the cobbled streets with a guide. It simultaneously combines Baroque architecture and an industrial center, the tranquility of the Elbe River and the bustle of the central squares.

It is interesting that the name of the city “dredzane” in Old Slavonic means “inhabitants of the swamp forests”, which is not at all applicable to the modern look of Dresden. The history of development was so swift that it’s hard to even imagine what it looked like before.

The trip to Dresden turned out to be very eventful, the students managed to see all the main attractions of the city: Zwinger, Albertinum, the Dresden castle residence, Bruhl’s terrace, the Semper opera, the “Procession of Princes” panel and the Church of the Virgin Mary. It is convenient that most of the attractions are located nearby, and you can get from one interesting place to another on foot.

The students of the winter holidays were greatly impressed by the palace complex of the 18th-19th centuries — Zwinger. Students took the most pictures there, trying to preserve in the phone’s memory this beauty. On its territory there is a picturesque landscape park with several famous museums at once.

And in order for us to keep our impressions of the trip, our photographer made a photo report, follow the link below and see how it was. Do not forget that we also have Intsagram, where we regularly publish relevant information and news from the students live.

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