Trip to Berlin: 26.08.2019


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On August 26, students of summer educational programs of the International Union of Youth finally went on a long-awaited trip to Berlin – this is an event that many expected at the beginning of the program of the summer educational course for MSM. Of course, language training is very important, but the union also pays great attention to the diverse cultural development of students, providing them with not only entertaining, but also sightseeing events.
Why limit yourself to only Prague or other Czech cities if you can also see other nearby Czech cities?
Together with students, their curators, as well as qualified guides, we had the opportunity to discover German cities such as Munich, which is the capital of Bavaria, and Dresden, where Volkswagen was once created and is now successfully operating.
This time the choice fell on Berlin – in just a few hours, students of educational programs got on comfortable buses with air conditioning to the capital of Germany! Students were pleasantly surprised by how the city appeared before them – from the first seconds of their stay in this city you can catch the unique atmosphere of creativity and creativity. It is not in vain that creative people strive to get here, work, and thereby express themselves, not only from all over Europe, but also from all over the world. Berlin is the venue for the most creative fashion weeks, where eminent designers of the world present their creations, street street expressions are found here and there – that in Ukraine and the CIS countries can be considered vandalism, raised to the level of art here, so the city looks fresh and unusual. Here and there unusual monuments and statues are found, and in restaurants you can taste the local masterpieces of German cuisine and culinary of other countries.

For MSM students, such trains are a great opportunity to expand their perception, touch something new and, even if they were in Berlin for just one day, to absorb a piece of German culture. For students, such trips are not difficult – multivisa can travel to the Schengen countries absolutely freely, bypassing the points of transport control. Short distances in Europe are another plus for students who wish to travel in their free time. In addition, student tickets provide big discounts on travel on almost any type of transport, whether it be buses or railways!

The most memorable sights that the guys had the opportunity to see are, of course, the famous Brandenburg Gate. This is the image you will find in guidebooks, on tourist postcards, as well as if you open websites and start looking for places that everyone recommends visiting in this city. Berlin Cathedral is also an interesting attraction, which is a must-see for anyone who comes to Berlin – you students recognized it from afar thanks to its unique architectural features and a green dome that stands out from the city.
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