Tour to DOX: 14.07.2019

excursion to dox

Prague’s modern art

On July 14, students of MSM Summer Programs took a tour to DOX, the famous center of contemporary art, on which the Art-Brut-All installations by Sadofsky and Tranin were exhibited that day.

At the exhibition, students understood what it feels like to go beyond the ordinary perception, and to consider objects of art not as aesthetics, but as a means of expressing the artist’s experience and a way to tell something new to the world, breaking all the rules of the game.

The artists themselves explain their work by the fact that modern categories of aesthetics go far beyond the “artistic world” that we used to perceive. Colorful, juicy and intriguing objects of art – sometimes seemingly cynical and radical, but only at first sight!

On the same day, Eva Jirichna’s works were exhibited in the centers in honor of her anniversary – the most famous architect of Czech origin, a supporter of the high-tech style with elements of organic and minimalist culture. A rational approach combined with an intuition is the unspoken slogan of an architect’s design.

In her works, Eva used glass and metal, which allows adding more natural light to the interiors, and at the same time elegance of form. This gives her work the harmony between form and its purpose.

Students could also attend the Gulliver exhibit, which has been present in Dox since 2016 – 42 meters in length and 10 meters in width. For several years, the director of DOX, Leoš Valka, was engaged in the idea of ​​creating a “Gulliver” who ideologically personified the image of a twelve-year-old boy’s dream – an optimistic ideal of a new technological era that would contrast with the concrete structure of the center. “Gulliver” reminds of a giant wooden airship, which, as if by chance, landed on the roof of the center. The exhibit reflects a person’s dream of flying into the sky and about the utopian world, and that’s why it is called one of the most utopian works of literature.

Inside the exhibition, reflecting the critical perception of the modern and old world, you could sit and relax, as well as take a few unusual photos to remember the unusual experience – some of them you will find in our Instagram, where we often post trips and tours of students of summer, autumn, winter and spring programs. In addition to exhibitions, students could visit a local cafe and familiarize themselves with a bookstore selling books about the classics and the latest innovations of modern art

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