Tour in Old Town: 25.08.2019

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Exploring the Old Town

On August 25, students of educational programs the International Union of Youth finally got a unique opportunity to get to know Prague Old Town more closely and explore the old city in detail. Of course, the entire tour was led by an experienced Russian-speaking guide, who informed MSM students about a lot of new details that they had not previously known.
The guys met on Wenceslas Square – the most popular place in Prague, both among local Czechs and among tourists. As the locals call it, “Vatslavak” is the very first point in visiting famous places for any visiting tourist, because to come to Prague and not get to Wenceslas is not just unforgivable, but almost impossible, – all the main meetings are scheduled here, held rallies and political events. This is the historical and political value that Wenceslas Square has.

This name was given to the square in honor of St. Wenceslas, who is considered practically a “guardian of Czechia”. Few people that today such a popular and “fashionable” place as Wenceslas Square, where all the main shops, boutiques, and also expensive restaurants are located, used to be the location of the horse market and previously looked completely different. The way we see the area now – wide, grandiose and so “crowded with tourists” – began to take shape only in the 20th century, the same applies to the architectural styles of buildings.
In the middle of the square is a sculpture – the most visible monument opposite the National Museum, which can be seen from afar. The indigenous Czechs, agreeing with their friends about a meeting, say, “We meet under a horse”. The thing is that the sculpture depicts St. Wenceslas, seated on this very animal.
It is curious that for modern sculptors, it turned out to be impossible to contain the so-called “irony” in relation to the monument. For example, in the building of “Lucerne”, which is located very close, there is a sculpture that completely imitates St. Wenceslas, riding a horse, with a slight difference – the horse is suspended by the legs from the ceiling, and the rider proudly sits on his belly.
During the tour, students visited the Old Town Square, walked near the sculpture “Commander”, Tyn Church and other impressive sights.
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