Top 5 employers in the Czech Republic

Many young people stay to work in the Czech Republic after getting education in this beautiful and culturally rich country. There is a very high standard of living and a lot of opportunities for the most hardworking and ambitious. The most famous companies offer internships to young professionals on a regular basis. The annually growing ranks of young professionals who graduated from the Czech universities include the graduates from such prestigious places as the University of Economics in Prague, Charles University, Masaryk University, which claim to provide the best employment, since higher education in the Czech Republic is distinguished by carefully developed and enriched programs for students.

Top 5 employers in the Czech Republic:

  • SKODA AUTO is a brand with a worldwide reputation in the automotive industry and a corporation that offers a good hundred vacancies for those who have got education in the Czech Republic in English.
  • Avast Software s.r.o is a well-known software development company. Cybersecurity is its main focus. Have you all heard about the antivirus program of the same name? Young and talented IT specialists feel very comfortable working in this company, and the industry itself implies career growth and many bonuses.
  • Orlen Unipetrol is the largest and only oil refining company in the country. It has several branches that are engaged in research, development and production of chemical products. It will gladly recruit a graduate from the Czech Technical University.
  • Zentiva is a pharmaceutical company with an international status that develops and manufactures all kinds of medicine. Medical education in the Czech Republic is one of the most popular areas, therefore, graduates of medical faculties will have many interesting and nicely fitting places to work in, including this wonderful company.
  • Agrofert is the largest holding company that deals with the agricultural, logistics and energy industries. It gives great prospects for graduates of the engineering, transport, technical departments.

Free education in the Czech Republic is available to everyone! Most universities pay attention to the fact that in this case the program will be conducted in the Czech language. Learning the Czech language in the Czech Republic for foreign students is also available as a separate course and provides the most extensive knowledge.
As for education on a fee basis, the tuition fees in the Czech Republic are very affordable.

Education in the Czech Republic for international students is a good way not only to change the environment, but also to get a completely unique experience.

Every ambitious graduate has an opportunity to work in one of these companies if they are sincerely passionate about their profession, know how to think outside the box, have a serious approach to the work process and respect time and knowledge.

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