To the Prague Castle: 28.09.2019

екскурсія в Празькй Град

On September 28, after the first week of training, another interesting tour to the Prague Castle was prepared for the students of the MSM one-year foundation courses. Together with a guide, a professional photographer and a coordinator, the students went to explore the beauties of another coast of Prague.

Mala Strana is another historical district of Prague, which is located between the two hills of the city: the hill on which the famous Prague Castle, the current residence of the president, stands and the Petřín Hill, the place of worship of Perun in paganism.

The tour to the Prague Castle began with an entertaining walk in the garden near the Czech Senate, which is called the Wallenstein Garden, with the palace of the same name on its territory. The palace complex was built in the years 1623-1630 by Field Marshal Albrecht von Wallensten on the site of 26 mansions and 6 gardens. At the entrance to the park, a fountain with a bronze statue of Neptune flaunts, and proud peacocks walk on its territory. Students were lucky with the weather – a warm sun was shining in Prague and the children were able to enjoy the walk in plenty.

Immediately after visiting the palace garden, along with a guide, MSM students went further to Prague Castle, once the residence of all Czech kings. It is also worth noting that on September 28, a public holiday is celebrated in the Czech Republic – the day of Czech statehood, also known as St. Wenceslas Day. On this day, all stores with an area of ​​more than 200 square meters were closed, but all state institutions of the country, including Prague Castle, opened their doors. So, the place that is so beloved by tourists on this day was surrounded by a large crowd who wanted to enjoy the centuries-old history and stunning architecture of this castle complex.

St. Vitus Cathedral – a visiting card not only of the Prague Castle, but also of Prague itself, is considered the pearl of European Gothic and the national shrine of the whole Czech Republic. At that place back in 925 the very same Saint Wenceslas placed the first rotunda, after more than 400 years the construction of the present cathedral had already begun here, which ended only in 1844. Just imagine, the construction lasted more than 500 years! But when you see it once, you will be sure that 500 years have not passed in vain. The highest point of the cathedral is 124 meters long, and the south tower reaches a height of 96 and a half meters. The cathedral are decorated with stained-glass windows, on one of them – the works of the famous artist Alphonse Mucha are presented. The cathedral leaves no one indifferent, our students are no exception.

A more detailed tour already inside the Prague Castle complex awaits them tomorrow, but now we offer to admire the cheerful faces of the guys who attended the tour. Аollow the button below, but do not forget about our Instagram, where we also share  photos.

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