The Czech Republic has the lowest unemployment rate in Europe

The Czech Republic is a country with a stable economy, a high standard of living and the lowest unemployment rate in Europe. This means that the vast majority of students, even those who came to the Czech Republic from other countries, find a job in their specialty already in their senior year of study and certainly do not remain without a job after receiving a diploma.

The Czech State has consistently provided citizens and residents with career opportunities from its founding in 1993 to the present day. The Czech Republic is more likely to have the opposite problem, when there are a lot of vacancies on the market, but there are not enough people who can fill these vacancies. Bad news for employers, but good news for job seekers! This means that yesterday’s graduates can choose a workplace with high wages and the most comfortable conditions, such as: an insurance policy, a multi-card that allows you to play sports in the best sports clubs in the city, paid sick leave and vacation, or, in other words, a basic social package.

Life itself in the Czech Republic will cost much less than in neighboring countries such as Germany, Austria, France, Italy, and the standard of living here is much higher in comparison with more budgetary Poland and Romania, but also with more expensive countries such as Spain and Portugal.

In general, the economic situation of the Czech Republic is largely determined by the state and development of its foreign economic relations, and especially relations with Germany, which is the largest trade and investment partner of the Czech Republic. Therefore, if in the process of working for a large international enterprise in the Czech Republic you realize that you would like to move to Germany, then with a high probability you will be able to do it. All thanks to the close economic cooperation between the two countries and the fact that Germany owns a controlling stake in so many Czech companies.

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