Summer in Prague: how to make it unforgettable

students on the Vlatav River in Prague

Summer in Prague is considered to be the best time for traveling! Sunny Prague, memorable breakfasts on the bright terraces, unforgettable dawns, river walks across the Vltava, beautiful gardens and much more is waiting for you here during the summer! The weather at this time in Prague is wonderful: plenty of sun and 25-degrees temperature favors long walks. Usually, July and August are the hottest months of the season. If this summer you plan to visit Prague, then our article will help you spend your time here in an interesting way!

Museum Night  in Prague

A popular and very expected event all over the world! At the beginning of summer, the traditional event is taking place – Night of Museums. On this day, from 19:00 to 01:00, museums, galleries and places of interest in Prague open their doors to all visitors free of charge. This is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the cultural heritage of the Czech Republic, its technological innovations, and history. The National Gallery of Prague and it’s 6 palace complexes are open this day and definitely are “must see”. You will find not only Impressionists of Italy, France and the Netherlands of the 19th century, but also Czech baroque, Cubism and much more.


Can you imagine the Czech Republic without its amazing castles? They are definitely one of the main treasures and attractions. There are about 2500 of them in the Czech Republic! Everyone who visited Prague wants to visit at least one castle in order to feel the atmosphere of his old and authentic history, imprisoned within its walls.

The most famous castles of the Czech Republic:

  • Hluboká Castle over the Vltava
  • Karlštejn Castle
  • Konopiště Castle
  • Troy Castle
  • Loket Castle

Walking tours

Of course, what a summer without tours and long walks! Each guest of Prague first goes to the Old Town, from where he starts a wonderful route through all the major beauties and sights of the capital: Old Town Square, Town Hall, Orloi Clock, Charles Bridge and others. Every building of the Old Town in Prague is full of history! And if you will get hungry during a walk, try Czech national dessert trdelnik with chocolate and other sweets, Prague sausages or svorzhak (hot wine) on Wenceslaw or Old Town Square. After such a refreshment you can continue on your way to Petrshiny or Vyšehrad in search of a magnificent panoramic view of the beautiful Prague!

Outdoor swimming pools

The weather in Prague in the summer is warm and sometimes even hot! But you can always hide from the heat in the outdoor pool. Such pools have a lot of entertainment such as slides, cafes, and grills. By the way, the biggest water park in Europe is located in Prague! Below is a list of the most popular and famous swimming pools in the Czech capital:

  • Podol Stadium
  • Slavia Stadium
  • Swimming pool Prazhachka
  • Swimming pool Divoká Šárka

Prague Zoo

Prague Zoo is a whole kingdom for animals! Two huge lands with a total area of 60 hectares, are connected with the funicular that will not just take you from one part of the zoo to the other but also will reveal a majestic view over the Prague. In this zoo you will find animals from different corners of the planet, all of them are carefully watched by the zookeepers. The Prague Zoo is located in the Troy region, where many meadows, hills, rivers, and lakes are located.


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