Museum Prague Castle: 07.06.2019

in the prague castle

Learn the history of Prague Castle

On June 7, students of the summer programs of the International Union of Youth were in the museum of Prague Castle to see by their own eyes what do hundreds of tourist guidebooks describe.

Prague Castle is a castle complex located between the Petřín and Mala Strana districts. To get to Prague Castle you first need to go through the pompous, eye-catching, Mytiashev gates. Although we were already visited this territory on a walking tour of architecture, this time we returned to spend time inside of the Prague Castle.

On the territory, besides other buildings, there is a royal palace, which is currently not a place of  royal people stay, but serves as a museum for tourists – an exhibition devoted to the history of the entire Prague Castle has been opened for fifteen years now. In addition to the ancient exhibits from the treasury of the castle, telling about the life of the aristocratic class of Czech society, the objects of everyday life of ordinary people are presented there.

The royal palace was built long time ago in XII century – unfortunately, today only the vault of the underground place and part of the outer wall remained of the Romanesque tower have been preserved.

The excursion made an indelible impression on students – the ancient spirit of the Middle Ages, the majesty of the royal palace itself and the objects of royal luxury reminded the children that they are in Europe’s oldest city with a rich history. On the first floor of the palace there used to be a throne room with five windows and a prince’s room. On the viewing platform of Prague Castle, students took a lot of group photos of this beautiful city.

We would like to say thanks again to all participants of the tour and remind that summer programs are not only an educational program with language classes, which are conducted by a native speaker, but also a rich excursion program in Prague and other European cities. Students do not have to be bored – we are doing everything possible to combine study and fun timespending of students of the International Union of Youth.

Below, for you, we have collected a detailed photo report “Museum Prague Castle”, which highlights the main points from our excursion walk with an experienced guide. We regularly post some photos of our events with students on Instagram.

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