Workshop “Studying at the Czech Universities”, Kiev

Studying at Czech Universities

On November 5th, the International Union of Youth held a seminar on the most popular topic among students and schoolchildren — studying at universities in the Czech Republic.

Many students go to study abroad immediately after school, and most of them choose to get higher education in the Czech Republic, in Prague. What are the advantages of the mysterious city of red tile roofs?

The speakers devoted most of the seminar “Studying at Czech Universities” to this topic. An interesting fact: in 1348, the Czech emperor Charles IV founded in Prague the oldest university in Europe — Charles University. In addition to him, over the next centuries, dozens of universities appeared in the Czech Republic, to which students from all over the world come to this day.

At the seminar, specialists from the International Union of Youth discussed the top universities in the Czech Republic, namely, CULS and CTU, because these universities provide the widest range of specialties. Participants also heard live reviews of students who are currently studying there.

Foundation programs that quickly help to learn the Czech language and enter the chosen university, winter and spring programs with their rich plan of educational and entertainment events did not go unnoticed.

Each participant also had a unique opportunity to undergo career guidance with an MSM specialist so as not to make a mistake with the right choice of their future specialty.

The MSM team thanks everyone for participating and is waiting for you at our subsequent events and meetings.

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