Sports Day in MSM: 15.07.2019

sport day in msm

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On July 15, a sports day was held for students of the Summer International Union of Youth Programs, which we traditionally arrange for students of summer, autumn, spring and winter programs. It is in our interest to arrange for students not only interesting trips, but maximum useful activities, because it is known that new knowledges are absorbed better with exercise.

As an educational organization, we understand that the best way to encourage a sports lifestyle is not to force, but to motivate! And, as you know, motivation appears only from one’s own desire to do something, right?

That is why we gave students complete freedom to choose their sports activities in the framework of the MSM program, which includes:

  • Volleyball, which is not only a fun team game, but also has a positive effect on almost all muscle groups. A variety of movements with a not very strong load gives a visible result already for one game – the students got a good mood, the opportunity to relax in the new company, developed sleight of hand and made new friends.
  • Tennis is a sport that strengthens not only the muscles of the arms and legs, but also the heart, and also forms a beautiful muscular corset in record time. Develops logical thinking and learns to make decisions quickly, because on the tennis court you can not yawn, if you want to win! Of course, one day is not enough, but we believe that students have felt such a surge of strength and energy from practicing tennis in order to continue developing their skills at home.
  • Swimming in the pool – improves posture and allows you to relieve the spine, because with the advent of smartphones, our backs have increasingly begun to resemble a question mark. Do you recognize yourself? Then we also invite you to Sports Day! The healthy lungs and heart go as a bonus, not to mention the hardening effect – absolutely safe on these hot summer days.

A whole day in the fresh air – and the students fully appreciated what sport carries: the opportunity to try something new for yourself, to feel more confident – to strengthen not only the body, but also self-esteem.

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