Sport Day MSM: 09.08.2019

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Sports at MSM are never boring!

In addition to high-quality language classes, modern teaching materials and lectures from native speakers, MSM also arranges for its students a lot of entertaining classes, as well as events aimed at strengthening not only language skills, but also the general physical form of the student. On August 9, students of the summer educational programs of the International Youth Union conducted the Sports Day in Prague. It was a great opportunity for students to choose and try out a new sport – including basketball, volleyball, pool or football.

In any case, MSM believes that the foundation of the right motivation is to do what you like. Not in the mood to play team sports, or do you prefer to train and track your progress independently? Then you have a pool or a gym available for the whole day long, where you can independently decide if you want to take a break or to exercise! Prefer to chat with the guys, feel the the team spirit and spend time outdoors in a sunny summer day? Then choose football, basketball or volleyball – even one hour of training has a positive effect on the body and clears up the mind. An individual approach to each student is the basis of further success and progress in his or her life. At the MSM summer school, students study foreign languages, participate in live and online contests, make new friends and gain a unique experience of staying and communicating abroad.

All the sports that the students tried out that day are available on such programs as the fitness academy, the tennis academy, the football academy, the martial arts school and the dance academy in Prague. If you feel that learning the language and preparatory subjects is not enough for you, then feel free to choose a program that includes sports – to train your body and also get an advice frome certified trainers to improve your technique.

Below you can find a detailed photo report “Sports with MSM”. Do not forget that some of the photos we also regularly post on Instagram.

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