Sport Day:15.06.2019

Sport Day

The best sport day ever

The old methods of doing sport are in the past – today you don’t need to love sport, you should enjoy it. On June 15, MSM organized a Day of Sport for students of summer educational programs of the International Union of Youth, but not in the classical sense of the word, but in the innovative one. How it works? It’s simple!

Old fashioned morning exercises and boring physical education lessons let us leave in the past, instead, each student was given the choice and the opportunity to practice the kind of sport that he loves most or that he always wanted to do: open-air tennis – finally you can hold racket and enjoy the game under the warm sunshine; basketball – we train accuracy and sleight of hand; volleyball is a team sport that allows you not only to throw off unpleasant thoughts and attract good mood, but also make lots of good friends, as well as a trip to the pool or gym at any time is comfortable for a student, to try all the gym stuff on their own and find the right one under your level of physical endurance and strength!

Sport Day unexpectedly turned into a Day of laughter and new acquaintances, friendly communication with coordinators and the acquisition of a new sports experience. Who knows? Perhaps our students will want to continue to develop in the sport that they tried today after arriving home!

Remember that you can always sign up for one of our sports education programs next time, which, in addition to languages, specializes in a variety of sports activities such as the fitness academy in Prague, the tennis academy in Prague, the football academy in Prague, the martial arts school in Prague and the dance academy in Prague.

MSM believes that the brain works best if you devote a part of time to physical activity. Believe us, knowledge is better assimilated if you simultaneously train endurance and muscle coordination! And along with our entertainment programs you will not have time to get bored – the most interesting and unusual contests, trips around Europe and language practice with native speakers are the best way to diversify the summer!

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