Sport Day: 05.07.2019

sports day

Sports activities that bring joy!

On Friday, July 5, the International Union of Youth organized for students of summer educational programs an Active Day of Sport – a unique opportunity to participate in one of the sports events from MSM. For students, this day was a kind of break from a rich educational and cultural program, during which they were able to try out new types of sport activities.

In order to do sports effectively, experts advise you to choose appropriate workout program and do not force yourself to heavy physical exercices when the body is not ready or simply does not want to accept it. Classes should not be exhausting, and the most optimal result can be obtained when physical activity occurs unnoticed, for example, if you are passionate about your activity. That is why we offered students a few team and other fun sports to choose from so that they could upgrade their physical form without thinking about the boredom that arises before regular physical education classes.

The motto of this Sports Day is “Choose what you like!” Outdoor tennis, developing speed and coordination, team basketball, football and even swimming in the pool for those who want to escape from the Prague heat and strengthen the shoulder muscles. For those who supports an independent approach to sports, it was possible to visit the gym at any time during the day.

Our goal is to make the student come from Prague not only with new knowledge, but with good impressions from the trip! In addition to providing an educational program, MSM does follow up on the physical development of students and maintaining their health.

Among other things, such sports days are a great opportunity to make friends with a ot of students from other countries! The warm and sunny weather was in many respects conducive to the guys playing sports outside with friends. Below you can find a detailed photo report “Active Sports Day” – part of the photo you will also find on Instagram.

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