Seminar “What is the Double Degree”, Kiev

презентація програми Подвійний Диплом Київ

On September 12, 2019, in Kiev, in our office of the International Youth Union, a seminar was held on the topic “Double Degree Programs”. All the guests of the seminar finally learned what is the Double Diploma and what prospects open to its holder.

The speaker of the seminar was our specialist in education abroad, Dudla Olesya. The seminar was held in a pleasant atmosphere, full of useful information and inspiring examples. Our seminar was attended by parents with applicants from grades 10-11, as well as students in grades 8-9 who are already thinking about their education.

The topic of the meeting “Double Degree” is very relevant today, this program makes it possible in 3-3.5 years to receive 2 higher education diplomas of two different countries leading in the field of education, namely the Czech Republic, USA, Canada, Switzerland, and now also Germany and the UK! With such a program, the student saves time, money, but at the same time makes an unimaginable breakthrough on the way to his successful future. The Double Diploma program provides an opportunity to double your chances of finding a job in any country in the world.

At the seminar, speaker Olesya talked about the benefits of this program, what it includes and what our applicants need to get into this program. They discussed the most pressing issues of parents, what are they worried about when choosing a future profession and university, and what you need to pay attention to.

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