Seminar “Study IT in the Czech Republic”, Kiev

семінар "Навчання на IT в Чехії" Київ

On October 8, 2019, in Kiev, the International Union of Youth held a seminar on the topic “Study IT in the Czech Republic”. The seminar dealt with all the most pressing issues from the world of education abroad and all students received the most useful information.

The speaker of the seminar Olesya spoke about the relevance of the profession in the labor market, about the opportunities for students in the Czech Republic after receiving an education in IT. We discussed the Foundation Programs of MSM, which will help to master the language and enter the chosen university, their content, features and uniqueness. They also talked about the nuances of admission to Czech universities, about the requirements, deadlines for submitting documents, and how the Czech language is important for admission to state universities.

Today, the IT direction in education and demand in the labor market is gaining popularity around the world. At the seminar, we discussed why it is worth studying in Prague in this specialty and what opportunities students have for graduating from universities, highlighting the most basic of them.

We also spoke about our autumn programs, which just become more and more relevant, in connection with the approaching holidays. These courses will not only improve the knowledge of the language, but will also help the student to spend the holidays with benefit. In addition to these, MSM also organizes summer and winter holidays in Prague, the program of which was also learned by the students of the seminar “Study IT in the Czech Republic”.

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