Seminar “Particularities of Higher Education in Europe”, Almaty

Particularities of Higher Education in Europe

The seminar “Particularities of Higher Education in Europe” was held on November 26th, 2019 in the wonderful city of Almaty. Experienced education professionals abroad spoke about how to enter universities, how to nostrify your diploma and what are the differences between studying in Europe.

The first speaker was Valeria Utyupina — regional manager of MSM in Almaty. Valeria opened the seminar with a brief idea of ​​the International Union of Youth, then answered the most common question — “Why the Czech Republic?”.

The speaker highlighted the main advantages of living in the Czech Republic: economic stability, high quality higher education and free education in Czech at state universities, even for foreigners. Then Valeria talked about the most popular specialties, average salaries and top universities in the Czech Republic, after which students can successfully find jobs in any country in Europe and the CIS. The speaker also voiced all the basic requirements for admission.

The second speaker of the seminar “Particularities of Higher Education in Europe” was Aigerim Tursagulova, who continued the event with a detailed description of the foundation programs for MSM: start dates, the number of academic hours, and teachers of long-term programs.

The manager spoke about the main advantages of MSM over other training courses for admission to Czech universities. A flow chart of the steps and procedures required for admission was shown. In more detail, the speaker spoke about the 24/7 service support, nostrification of Kazakhstan school certificates/diplomas in the Czech Republic. The speaker also spoke in detail about the training programs, living conditions and additional costs.

The theme of vacation programs did not go unnoticed. The manager announced the entire list of language and sports programs. The speaker briefly talked about the MSM Academy, about the main advantages of these programs and why all the same, future applicants should come for a vacation in the Czech Republic.

A call was also made via skype with the Prague manager Diana Merdenova, who answered all the questions from the audience. There were questions regarding admission to medical specialties and psychology. The possibility of entering the Czech Republic for a master’s degree was also discussed. Diana answered in detail the questions of adaptation in the Czech Republic, language acquisition, passing nostrification and entrance exams.

The managers of the Almaty branch of MSM sincerely hope that the seminar was as informative and useful as possible for the guests. If you are interested in studying abroad, but you do not know where to start, then we will help you take the first step. To do this, simply fill out the form below.

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