Seminar “Medical Universities in Prague”, Kiev

семінар медичні ВНЗ Праги

On September 24, 2019, another seminar was held in the office of the International Union of Youth in Kiev. This time, the attention of the speakers earned medical universities in Prague. Our specialists in the field of education abroad spoke in detail about the advantages of studying medicine in Europe, about preparing for admission, the stages of enrolling in a university and special MSM programs that will help to make the dream of a prestigious medical education a reality.

A career in medicine is perhaps the most prestigious and honorable in the world, because there is nothing more important than human life. However, we often face the fact that the employees of medical institutions are not appreciated enough in many countries: doctors receive undeservedly small wages, do not have proper respect in the society, and it is difficult to find ways to implement themselves. Meanwhile, in Europe, there are still not enough quality specialists in this field: the Czech Republic opens more and more vacancies for foreign doctors every year and even launched a special program that helps already existing specialists quickly integrate into the Czech environment, recognize their diploma, and to prove practical skills and start working abroad.

Medical universities in Prague also accept more and more foreign students every year, and most importantly, tuition in Czech is completely free. MSM specialists told in more detail which programs will help to enter a university, what knowledge should be paid special attention to, what should be prepared for when choosing a medical specialty, what expenses students can expect and, of course, how the International Union of Youth will help in this way.

The seminar also examined in more detail the special programs for doctors, as a separate unit for senior visitors.

If you are also interested in studying abroad or are thinking about how to recognize your medical diploma in Europe, fill out the form below and our specialist will contact you for a detailed consultation.

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