Seminar “Medical Education in the Czech Republic”, Almaty

Medical Education in the Czech Republic

On October 17th was a seminar on the topic “Medical Education in the Czech Republic” in the office MSM of Almaty. Visitors of this event got the opportunity to learn about the benefits of getting a higher education in the medical field in a fabulous country – the Czech Republic!

Valery Utyupinа and Aigerim Tursagulova were speakers at the event. The program consisted of several parts: in the beginning, Valery Utyupina talked about the advantages of getting a higher medical education in the Czech Republic. The most important of them is getting a continuous six-year education in the field of “General Medicine” with obtaining a Master’s degree at the end in the Czech University. Valeria Utyupina also talked about the further employment opportunities and prospects in the Czech Republic. Then she presented the leading medical institutions of the Czech Republic, namely Charles University, Masaryk University, University of Palacky, Czech Technical University in Prague, University of Chemical Technology in Prague and University of Ostrava, and talked about the medical faculties located there.
Further, the speech was continued by Aigerim Tursagulovf, demonstrating schemes and options for entering universities. The presentation of the MSM program an annual course of the Czech language with preparation for post-graduation in Medical Universities interested has attracted the attention of the entire audience.

The peculiarity of this seminar was the opportunity to get information about a unique approbation program developed by MSM together with the Czech University of Life Scienses and the Czech Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education. Half of the audience became interested in this particular opportunity – building a medical career in Europe! These are undergraduate students, internships and practicing doctors who want to work as doctors in the Czech Republic or other European countries! So how to get allowed to work as a doctor in the Czech Republic, having graduated from a university in the other countries? Manager Aigerim Tursagulova spoke in detail about how to start.

At the end of the seminar, the guests of the event asked a huge number of questions: they were schoolchildren and their parents with questions about entering universities, nostrification and visa, as well as training students and doctors interested in the career in the Czech Republic. Each of the guests received a competent consultation and answers to the programs of interest to them.

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