Seminar “Higher Education in the Czech Republic”, Almaty

фото з семінару Вища освіта в Чехії Алмати

The seminar “Higher Education in the Czech Republic” was held on September 19, 2019 at 19.00 in Almaty at the address: 28 Timiryazev Street, Alatau Grand Business Center, 6th floor, The HUB coworking, conference hall. By the way, the office of the International Union of Youth in Almaty is also located in the same building. Two speakers spoke at the seminar, each of which revealed different topics to the audience.

Speaker No. 1: Aizhan Zharkimbekova – Director of the MSM branch in Almaty

Aizhan opened the seminar with a brief presentation on the International Union of Youth. The director also continued with the topic “Why the Czech Republic?” The speaker highlighted the main advantages of living in the Czech Republic, such as: economic stability, low costs in Europe, the prestige of higher education and free education in Czech at state universities, even for foreigners. Then Aizhan spoke about the professions in demand, average salaries and top universities in the Czech Republic, after which students can successfully find jobs in any country in Europe and the Worldwide. The speaker also mentioned all the basic requirements necessary for admission to universities in the Czech Republic. Ayzhan announced that the International Youth Union, in cooperation with CULS and CTU, had specially developed programs for admission to universities in the Czech Republic in humanitarian, technical, economic, medical and creative specialties.

Speaker No. 2: Aigerim Tursagulova – regional manager of MSM in Almaty

Aigerim continued the seminar with a detailed description of the foundation programs at MSM: the dates of the beginning of training, the number of academic hours and teachers of long-term MSM programs. The manager spoke about the main advantages of MSM over other prуparatory courses for admission to universities in the Czech Republic. A sequence diagram of the actions and procedures necessary for those interested in higher education in the Czech Republic was shown. In more detail, the speaker spoke about the 24/7 service of coordinator’s support, the prices of programs and accommodation in dormitories at state universities. Then Aigerim moved on to the topic “MSM Summer Programs”. The manager announced the entire list of language and sports programs. The speaker briefly talked about the MSM Language Academy and its features. Aigerim talked about the main advantages of these programs and why all the same, future applicants should come for the holidays in the Czech Republic. Detailed information was provided on the following programs: “English”, “Czech + English”, “German”, “Internship in tourism”, “Martial Arts Camp”, “Fitness Health Academy”, “Dance School”, “MSM Tennis Academy “,” MSM Football Academy “. The manager spoke in detail about the cultural and entertainment program, which is part of each summer course. The cost of all summer programs and the additional costs necessary for traveling to the Czech Republic were announced.

The attention of all those present was concentrated on the speakers of the seminar. Then the audience began to ask questions after the workshop. There were questions about the prices of undergraduate programs at the English branch of the CTU, about the prepayment system at MSM, about the possibility of entering a Czech university after college in Kazakhstan, about the possibility of obtaining citizenship after 5 years in the Czech Republic. The managers of the MSM Almaty branch hope that the seminar was as informative and useful as possible for the guests.

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