Seminar “Educational programs in the Czech Republic”, Kiev

Educational programs in the Czech Republic

On October 24th the International Union of Youth in Kiev held a seminar “Educational programs in the Czech Republic”, at which all the most relevant topics and the latest news were revealed.

The speakers of the seminar, professionals in the field of education in Europe, spoke about the benefits of studying in the Czech Republic. The process of guaranteeing admission to universities was also discussed, so guests were presented with all the foundation programs that would help not only to learn Czech and English, but also to enter the chosen university.

Why, after all to choose the Czech Republic

  • Quality and prestigious education
  • European standards
  • The possibility of free study in Czech
  • Opportunity to obtain a Double Degree
  • High quality of life

Speaker spoke about the Double Degree program, which will increase the competitive advantage of a CV. During the program, the student will gain experience in studying and living in two European countries at once, learn 3 foreign languages, save time and money.

The speakers also discussed the importance of choosing a future profession. It is so important to love your work and always strive for ambitious goals! Participants of the seminar “Educational programs in the Czech Republic” were invited to undergo career guidance with an MSM specialist. For all who were interested, the speaker also spoke about an internship abroad.

The seminar was held in a friendly atmosphere, the speakers answered all the guests’ questions and gave the maximum amount of information. The MSM team thanks everyone for their participation and invites all guests and readers to subsequent events!

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