Seminar “Education in the Czech Republic: career guidance”, Kiev

семінар особливості профорієнтації

On September 18, 2019, a seminar on the topic “Education in the Czech Republic: career guidance” was held in Kiev for schoolchildren and students, as well as parents who are interested in education in the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is one of the fastest growing countries in Europe, with a stable economy and a high level of education. A huge plus is the fact that studying in the Czech Republic in Czech language, even for international students, is completely free!

The guests of our seminar were students of grades 8-11 and their parents. It is worth noting that a fascinating block about the features of career guidance is great for children from 15 years old, because it is this age that is determined as the decisive moment in choosing their future path and that is when children need the strongest and most professional support in order to make their choice and make promising goal for the future.

All seminar participants were given fact-finding brochures about the company, our programs and also questionnaires, where they could write down their questions and feedback. At the seminar, an expert on education abroad, as well as a specialist in career guidance, Maria spoke about the Czech Republic, as a country for higher education, about the prospects of students, about the most popular specialties and features of studying in Prague.

Our guests were very interested in our unique Double Degree program with the opportunity to receive 2 diplomas of higher education in different countries in 3-3.5 years, and especially its prospects for the future applicant. Maria also answered all the guests’ questions about studying abroad and the possibilities of future students.

Our seminar was informative, productive and in a warm friendly atmosphere. If you are also interested in studying abroad, just fill out the contact form below and our manager will contact you for a detailed consultation.

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