Seminar “Czech Republic: getting education”, Zhytomyr

семінар вища освіта в Чехії Житомир

On October 2, 2019, the International Union of Youth held a seminar on the topic “Czech Republic: getting an education” in the city of Zhytomyr. The city surprised its beauty, affability and burning eyes of students who want to learn as much information as possible about the Czech Republic and education in it.

The speaker of the seminar “Czech Republic: getting an education” was Natalya Krylova, a specialist in education abroad from the city of Kiev. Natalia raised the most relevant topics, such as: what is the peculiarity of education in the Czech Republic, what are the advantages of education in the Czech Republic and the prospects of students. We discussed what are the most popular professions in the Czech Republic and in the world as a whole, and how the Czech Republic can be useful to our applicants. For many guests of the seminar, it was good news to learn that education in the Czech Republic can be obtained for free by studying in Czech.

Natalia also talked about MSM programs, and s the parents and guests of the seminar was very interested with the Double Degree program and their capabilities. All guests of the seminar had the opportunity to ask their questions individually and have received a free consultation from our colleagues. Also, everyone received promotional materials.

The seminar was held in a friendly atmosphere: all the guests received the most necessary information from the world of studying abroad, and someone even looked after winter holiday programs in the city of Prague, which will significantly improve their English level.

From the MSM team we thank everyone who came to our seminar. If you are also interested in the topic of training in the Czech Republic – fill out the application below and get full advice from leading experts in this field.

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