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Years of study are behind you, the diploma of higher education is almost in your pocket, and only a few formalities are left on the way to an adult life. So what’s next? What should expect a young specialist? What are the salaries in the Czech Republic? This is probably one of the most common questions for graduates and university entrants of Czech higher education institutions.

In this article you will find out about salaries in the Czech Republic and employment of young professionals.

Since the Czech Republic has entered the European Union, salaries have been increasing year by year, just like the economy in general. Among the countries of Central Europe, the Czech Republic is one of the most promising country for your further successful employment. It is also important for foreigners, especially those who have graduated in the Czech Republic.

A pleasant bonus is that graduates of Czech universities do not need to get a work permit in the country.

Most students have the opportunity to get a job before the end of the university thanks to the successfully passed practice! Many enterprises hire young and ambitious specialists, whom they already knew during the practice. This experience is especially common for a successful companies, as Škoda.

A great advantage of immigrants from the other countries is the knowledge of many languages. Czech companies are actively entering the foreign markets, due to convenient business conditions. This make a foreign employee almost priceless to the company.

We will highlight the universities which students are successfully employed after graduation:

  • Charles University
  • Czech Agrarian University
  • Czech Technical University

And now let’s look at the salaries in the Czech Republic!

The average salary in the Czech Republic in 2018 was ~ 36.000 Kč. Of course, the ratings for the highest average wage beat the capital – Prague, followed by the Central Bohemian Region and South Moravian Region.

Based on the standard of living and expenses of the population, the average salary in the Czech Republic is quite good!

Advice for the future.

Professions that are in demand and whose earnings grow at a rapid pace:

  • Engineers
  • IT specialists
  • Logistics Specialists
  • Pharmacists
  • Area of ​​Ecology

The list of the highest paid professions in the Czech Republic today:

  • Air traffic controller – 210,002 Kč / month
  • General Director – 155 201 Kč / month
  • Chief doctor – 91 586 Kč / month
  • PR-manager – 82 861 Kč / month
  • Specialists in the field of information technology – 70 064 Kč / month
  • Logistic Specialist  – 63 269 Kč / month
  • Specialists in the field of computer technologies – 50 688-90 000 Kč / month
  • Management positions in the field of economics and finance – 50 000 Kč / month


The picture is clear! Thus, a graduate of a Czech university can safely expect a minimum of 1500 euros.

If you are interested in prospective work in the technical or agrarian spheres, then specially for you, we have prepared a special program of preparation for the Czech Technical University and Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague!

Work in the Czech Republic is a great opportunity, combining high earnings, comfortable conditions and a growing level of the country’s economy!

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