Riding catamarans: 18.07.2019

How we got rescued from the summer heat of Prague

On July 18, students of the Summer Programs of the International Union of Youth were looking forward for enjoying one more typical Prague entertainment – riding catamarans along Vltava, which does not lose its popularity throughout the summer season. Indeed, what could be better than being near cool river on such a sunny and hot day? Real swans are floating around, splashes of water are falling on you when you already boarded a catamaran and started sailing from the coast – many will surely remember the resort places they have visited before. However, spending this part of the summer in the city does not mean that there will be no water entertainment!

Our boat trip started from the Slavic Island, the area of ​​which was much smaller before the floods –  only one Shitkov water tower used to be there. Subsequently, a large park grew here and a catamaran rental service appeared, which were good news not only for tourists, but also for locals.

On this day, students decided to devote more time to getting acquainted with Vltava and split up into small teams to choose the route on their own within the designated area.

Note! If you also want to repeat our route, then remember that the catamaran riding season starts in April and lasts until October, but keep in mind that the best time for it is summer, despite the fact, that the large number of tourists is here. Choose the morning hours in order not to stand in the line under the most harmful sunlight and not get a sunstroke. Do not forget your ID to rent a catamaran.

Students could choose among the most amusing catamarans that you rarely see: bright, vibrant colors, some in the form of vintage cars or swans. By the way you may also feed the real swans that move nearby, but don’t give them bread, which we used to give to birds. You should use special food containing barley or oats.

Time runs fast, when you spend it with fun and joy, but we managed to take a few photos to capture the most beautiful moments.

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