Reasons Why You Should Visit Prague in Winter

Prague is beautiful at any time of year: a fabulous atmosphere remains here all year round! But if you had a chance to see Prague in the winter – you are a lucky person and in this article we will explain you why.

Many people think that traveling in Central Europe is better in the spring-summer period, but this is completely wrong! Prague in winter is very comfortable: the average temperature is 1 ° C, and usually it does not fall below -2 ° C, which makes it possible for long walks. And the Czech Republic, wrapped in a snow blanket, is a real magic, which makes you a member of a romantic Christmas fairy tale!

Walks around Prague

Prague’s points of interest are very famous around the world: Prague Castle, Old Town Square, Charles Bridge, Wenceslas Square, St. Vitus Cathedral and many others. In the winter, a walk through Prague will bring no less pleasure, especially if the city is strewn with snow. Prague in winter opens completely from the other side – the city seems to be wrapped in a mystery. Old Town Square – a live Christmas card, can’t leave anyone indifferent! The majestic Charles Bridge looks even more mysterious with its religious sculptures, powdered with snow in the moonlight.

Ski Resorts

The Czech Republic is a mountainous country, so lovers of extreme sports and skis can find a resort for their own taste. After walks and tasty dinners in Prague, it is right on time to conquer the snow-capped mountain peaks!


New Year’s sales – a sweet dream of a shopaholic in reality! Sales for the autumn and winter collections start in December, and continue until the end of February. Czech brands are the guarantor of quality, especially the famous Czech footwear. Discounts in the period of sales reach up to 70%. You can visit the huge shopping centers as Palladium, Fashion Arena, Centrum Chodov, or small authentic Czech shops in the city center.

Christmas Fairs

The Christmas fairs are held in Prague for a whole month! Festive decoration, performances, street food – all this is worth seeing with your own eyes. After walking around Prague, you can warm yourself with a svařak (hot wine) with cinnamon and  sweet trdelnik or to try some famous national snacks: sausages, dumplings, sauerkraut or potato chips. There is a lot of delicious food selling at the fairs (pastries, honey, mead), handmade toys and jewelry and numerous souvenirs from Prague.

If you’re frozen …

If you are tired of walking or frozen, we recommend to explore many museums of the Prague!

The famous Czech National Gallery, which consists of several palaces and exhibition complexes, the National Technical Museum, as well as the Kampa Museum require a compulsory visit. Museums work all year round, taking a break only on Christmas Day. For students there are big benefits and discounts, and a standard entrance ticket can be purchased within 10 euros.

Ice Rink

If you are in Prague with children, always visit the ice rink, which will please not only the child, but also the adult! In winter, many open-air rinks appear in Prague, in the city center or near the fairs.

Visiting Prague in winter, you will want to plunge into this magical atmosphere again! And in order to stay in it, choose educational programs from the MSM and the fairy tale will become a part of your daily life!