Summer internship in tourism in Prague

The Czech Republic is located in the heart of Central Europe, bordering Germany, Poland, Austria, and Slovakia. For centuries, the Czech Republic served as a crossroads of trade routes and a place of close interaction between different cultures and religions. Cultural and national diversity served to form a rich historical heritage, which was accumulated and preserved in unique conditions. Wherever you are in this country, you can find well-preserved historical castles and buildings, medieval quarters, many charming towns, and villages everywhere. And a summer internship in tourism in Prague will prove you this.

Prague is a historical pearl of Europe, one of the most beautiful cities in the world that attracts tourists throughout the whole year. Prague is historical, economic, and cultural center of the Czech Republic. It is a “textbook” of architecture with an inexhaustible array of monuments; a city full of music, romance, and nostalgia, but above all a modern city full of life! All of this makes it the best option for an internship in the field of tourism.

We bring to your attention a unique summer program – “Internship in the field of tourism”, which involves studying at the Association of Hotels and Restaurants of the Czech Republic, internships in the best hotels in the Czech Republic 4-5 *, improving the level of English.

Course dates:

1 month01.07 – 30.07
01.08 – 30.08
3 weeks01.07 – 21.07, 09.07 – 30.07
01.08 – 21.08, 09.08 – 30.08
2 weeks01.07 – 15.07, 15.07 – 30.07
01.08 – 15.08, 15.08 – 30.08

The program includes lectures + English course:

  • 1 month – 85 hours
  • 3 weeks – 60 hours
  • 2 weeks – 40 hours
  • Lectures and practical classes in the best hotels of the Czech Republic 4-5 *
  • English – theory and practice with a native speaker.

The plan of lectures:


How to treat the guest in a professional way? How to be a real professional receptionist? No matter where no matter who, the essense is the same. How to manage guest complaints and still keep smiling?

Creative marketing I

Find new ways to make your marketing more creative and be ready! We will show you how useful social networks can be! Be prepared and use these networks in the right ways. During these classes the importance of reviews and how to use these reviews in your marketing will also be discussed. A part of these classes is also focused on the Hotelstars Union project (official European star system).

Creative marketing II

Be ready for dealing with the use of Daily deal sites! To deal or not to deal? Find the answers to this question! We will show you what the benefits and risks of this business are.

F&B Management

The restaurant could be an important part of your income! How to plan pricing how to promote, and how to create a modern menu. Be a professional! Optimase your storage!

Effective Marketing & Sales

This course will show you important sales and marketing activities for hotels and travel industry. The course is based on a real experience and contains a great deal of practical information. You will learn, how to find right sales channels, how to get your company website into the top positions, and how to work both with pricing and products.

Student reviews

Cultural program

“International Union of Youth” has prepared an excellent option for summer holidays – training, accompanied by active and eventful leisure time. Here is an example of the one-month camp program:

  1. Evening of acquaintances
  2. Orientation program in Prague
  3. Guided tours in Prague – Prague Castle, Hradcany and Mala Strana; Old Town and Charles Bridge
  4. Visit to the museum
  5. Boat tour on the Vltava
  6. Visit to the famous Prague Zoo
  7. Access to the outdoor pool
  8. Trips to Dresden, Berlin, Munich, and Vienna (extra charge)
  9. Riding on catamarans or boats on the Vltava
  10. Visit to the largest aquapark in the Czech Republic
  11. Night walk in Prague
  12. Sports events
  13. Guided tour to the best universities in Prague
  14. Trip to Karlovy Vary
  15. Trip to Cesky Krumlov
  16. Farewell party

At the end of the program, all participants receive a course completion certificate.

What is included in the price:

  • Education
  • Accommodation in Prague
  • Meals (breakfasts and dinners)
  • Travel ticket for all types of public transport
  • Czech SIM-card with Czech number for a mobile phone
  • Cultural program
  • Curatorial support in Prague
  • MSM uniform

Moreover: full information support and assistance in training, accommodation, and other issues that may arise during your stay

We recommend this program for all the students and young people who want to gain additional professional experience, undergo an internship abroad, improve their already acquired skills in work and languages, and spend an unforgettable time in the center of Europe! After the internship, you will receive a certificate of completion of the internship “Fundamentals of tourism. Management in tourism.”

How does the summer camp in Prague take place?

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