Martial Arts Summer Camp in Prague with English Learning

A unique program from MSM, the martial arts summer camp in Prague, is aimed at intensive martial arts training and learning English.

More and more young and energetic people prefer to spend time benefiting not only their minds but also their bodies. Martial arts, like other sports, develop strength of character, discipline, independence, and self-confidence. MSM offers you an absolutely unique program, with martial arts classes led by European and world champions in kickboxing, MMA, Thai boxing, and K-1: Vladimir Idranyi and Petr “Pino” Ondrush.

Classes will be held at the largest and most modern fitness center in Prague – Xplore Fitness. Xplore Fitness has all the facilities for group and individual classes, including a sparring ring. All sports equipment at the center is from Star Trac and corresponds to the latest global fitness trends. The Xplore Fitness machines were selected by experts, and Star Trac representatives Wayne Gordon and Jenny Pacey were the first to try them out.

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The camp is suitable for both beginners and professionals, for both boys and girls. All participants will be divided into groups according to their fighting skills. The main feature of the camp is that the training will focus on honing techniques for kicks and punches, defense, blocks, various feints, street self-defense, body stretching, reactions, and strengthening physical condition and endurance, but without personal contact sparring. This eliminates the possibility of injury, which is common in these sports.

Students of the “Martial Arts Camp in Prague” program will learn the techniques of such martial arts as:

  • Boxing: A fist fight in special gloves between two athletes.
  • K-1: A sports discipline similar to Thai boxing and kickboxing, which combines various martial arts and competitions. “K” stands for control, and 1 represents the desire to be first. The main difference between K-1 and kickboxing is the use of knees, which is allowed in K-1 but not in kickboxing.
  • Muay Thai: A combat sport also known as the art of eight limbs because punches, elbows, kicks, and knees are allowed. We also offer non-contact training for beginners.
  • MMA: A combat sport that involves striking and grappling, standing and floor fighting, and a combination of various techniques from other martial arts. Currently, this is a very modern and sought-after discipline, which, in addition to maximizing fitness, leads to complete relaxation of the mind.
  • Kickboxing: A fight with punches and kicks using boxing gloves.

Virtually non-contact training, without sparring, the presence of all protective elements, and the supervision of specialist trainers make the martial arts camp in Prague absolutely safe for participants. We provide the opportunity to plunge into the world of sports, adrenaline, and motivation.

MSM practices an effective combination of study and relaxation, which allows you to achieve maximum results! Throughout the program, in addition to intensive training, the participants study English with native speakers. This program will help participants win not only in the ring but also in life!

We guarantee an individual approach regardless of the age and experience of the program participants.

Program conditions

Boxing trainings:

  • 4 times a week, 2 hours a day

English classes:

  • Month – 50 hours
  • 3 weeks – 37 hours
  • 2 weeks – 25 hours


  • English language
  • History and culture of the Czech Republic as part of the language course

Program Dates:

1 month01.07 – 30.07
01.08 – 30.08
3 weeks01.07 – 21.07, 09.07 – 30.07
01.08 – 21.08, 09.08 – 30.08
2 weeks01.07 – 15.07, 15.07 – 30.07
01.08 – 15.08, 15.08 – 30.08


Students live in student residences throughout the course. Living conditions in all residences are the same: up to 3 people per room. Photos of the residences can be viewed in our gallery.

Student reviews

Cultural program

The International Union of Youth has prepared an excellent summer vacation option for program participants – training accompanied by active and eventful recreation. Below is an example of a one-month camp program.

  • Welcome party
  • Orientation program in Prague
  • Guided tours of Prague: Prague Castle, Hradcany and Lesser Town; Old Town and Charles Bridge
  • Museum visit
  • Excursion along the Vltava by boat
  • Visit to the famous Prague Zoo
  • Visit to the outdoor swimming pool
  • Trips to Dresden, Berlin, Munich, and Vienna (additional cost)
  • Riding on catamarans or boats on the Vltava
  • Visit to the largest water park in the Czech Republic
  • Night walk in Prague
  • Sports events
  • Tour of the best universities in Prague
  • Trip to Karlovy Vary
  • Trip to Cesky Krumlov
  • Farewell evening

Upon completion of their studies, students are issued a certificate of completion of the course.

The Price Includes the Following Services:

  • Education
  • Accommodation in Prague
  • Meals (breakfast and dinner)
  • Travel ticket for all types of transport
  • Czech SIM card with a Czech number for mobile phone
  • Cultural program
  • Curatorial support in Prague
  • Organization of round-the-clock medical assistance
  • Branded uniform (shorts, T-shirt, and bag) from Nike and Joma

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