One Year Football Academy

One Year Football Academy MSM is a professional football training program, a football career, and successful admission to Czech universities!

The International Youth Union has developed a new unique program, lasting for 1 academic year, for those who want to prepare and enter leading universities in the Czech Republic and become successful football players.

Program Structure

The annual football academy program is designed in such a way that intensive sports training is combined with the study of Czech or English in Prague. Careful attention is paid to maintaining the right rational balance between sports and education. Upon successful completion of the educational program, graduates are admitted to leading universities in Europe, and successful athletes have the opportunity to sign contracts with leading clubs in the Czech Republic and Europe.

International Football Academy MSM

Classes take place at leading football clubs in the Czech Republic under the guidance of the academy’s sports director, Vyacheslav Zakhovaylo. During their training at the MSM Football Academy, participants also play in friendly matches, often attended by representatives of football clubs in Prague.


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Participants in the MSM Football Academy have priority viewing rights for one year! Specialists monitor the training process, carefully selecting potential candidates for professional contracts. Despite the relatively recent foundation of the International Football Academy MSM, we have achieved a lot! Just a few years ago, we started building our academy literally from scratch, and now we have the unique opportunity to train on fields with natural and artificial turf, which are cared for by specialists every day, preparing them for training and games. Over the years of impeccable work of the MSM Football Academy in Prague for children and adults, we have gained numerous reputable partners who are eager to continue fruitful cooperation in the future.

Among them are the Football Federation of the Czech Republic, the Football Federation of Prague, the Football Federation of Moscow, the Football Federation of Kiev, and the globally renowned company NIKE. Additionally, one of the best fitness networks in the Czech Republic, Explore Fitness, has signed an exclusive cooperation agreement.

Who works at the International Football Academy

Vyacheslav Zakhovailo

The Annual Football Academy is led by the renowned coach and talented footballer Vyacheslav Zakhovailo. As a player, Vyacheslav played for football clubs such as the SKA Kiev Sports School, FC Hemlon, Gumenne (Czechoslovakia), Slovan Bratislava (Slovakia), FC VŠŽ Košice (Czechia), and FC Artmedia Petržalka Bratislava (Czechia). After concluding his football career, Vyacheslav obtained a PRO coaching license. He has repeatedly led and promoted football clubs from Ukraine and the Czech Republic to a professional level. Vyacheslav Zakhovailo also serves as the sports director of the MSM Football Academy.

Vladislav Kuzmenko

Vladislav is a talented footballer and a promising young coach. Under his direct leadership, the team of the MSM Football Academy secured the first place in the 2018/2019 season championship. For nine years from 2004 to 2015, Vladislav played for the Ukrainian FC “Ilyichevets” (nowadays FC “Mariupol”). After successfully completing the Summer Football Academy MSM, Vladislav won a grant and came to the Czech Republic for the Annual Football Academy MSM. In the 2017/2018 season, he played for “Aritma” (Prague) and obtained a coaching license category B.

Martin Friedek

In 1990, he made his debut for the first “big” club of Czechoslovakia (later the entire Czech Republic) – the Prague “Sparta.” Friedek played for the Spartans for 7 years, participating in the semifinals of the European Champions Cup and the quarterfinals of the Cup Winners’ Cup. He won national championships in 1991, 1993, 1994, 1995, and 1997, as well as the cups in 1992, 1993, and 1996. After the Euro 1996, Friedek went to Germany, signing a contract with “Bayer,” and concluded his career with “Semice” and Prague’s “Dukla.” In European competitions, he played 18 games in the European Champions Cup (later – the Champions League), 12 games in the Cup Winners’ Cup, and 12 games in the UEFA Cup. Friedek scored three goals in total, with one of his goals allowing Prague “Sparta” to pass “Marseille” in the second round of the European Champions Cup 1991/1992. He played a total of 37 games for the national team, 8 for Czechoslovakia and 29 for the Czech Republic, scoring 4 goals and becoming the vice-champion of Euro 1996. Currently, he works at the Academy of Prague’s “Sparta.”

Eva Ganyakova

A former football player and captain of the Czech women’s national football team. Currently, she leads the Czech youth national team. Eva Ganyakova has been working at the AC Sparta Praha academy as the head coach of the U17 women’s team, which has been showing excellent results. Thanks to her unique coaching methodology and high-quality tactical preparation, many strong female footballers have emerged. Eva Ganyakova is a frequent participant in football conferences and masterclasses held in Europe and beyond. In 2014, she was awarded the prestigious Václav Jíra Doctor of Science for her invaluable contribution to the development of Czech football.

MSM Standards

The personal trainers of the International Football Academy MSM in athletic preparation develop nutrition and physical training tailored to each athlete.

Specially invited coaches and assistants from different teams, aimed at bringing diversity to the training organization process, closely monitor potential players for their clubs. After physical exertion, it is mandatory to conduct tactical training sessions.

Participants in the program have the opportunity to play in matches of the official leagues of the Czech Republic, local tournaments, and it is also quite likely that they will participate in international tournaments.

The International Football Academy MSM adheres to the highest modern sports standards. The uniqueness of our program lies in supporting team spirit and maintaining an individual approach to each participant, ensuring success for both the beginner and the experienced professional. We equally care about the high level of the training process and achieving the maximum possible result.

The program cost includes equipment:

  • Training kit (socks, shorts, T-shirt, sweatshirt, sports bottle)
  • Sports tracksuit (pants, jacket)
  • Sports bag

Based on years of successful cooperation with the leading global fitness network XploreFitness and one of the best in the Czech Republic, the International Youth Union has signed an exclusive cooperation agreement.

The student independently pays the registration fee to the Czech Football Federation for the official registration of the player in the Czech Republic.

Combining your talent, ambitions, and efforts is the key to a successful football career on the European football stage.

One Year Learning of Czech and English Languages

The MSM International Football Academy + Preparatory Courses in Czech and English Languages (one-year course) is designed for successful learning of Czech and English languages, aimed at those who wish to study at Czech state universities. It is developed considering the requirements of entrance exams to universities. Education in the Czech Republic at state universities in the Czech language is free.

In addition to Czech language courses, students study English in groups, which they will need to take in entrance exams at many state universities. This not only gives them an additional chance to enroll but also significantly facilitates their learning at the initial stage in the university. The classes are conducted by experienced teachers and professors. To study for free at Czech state universities, foreigners need to pass the Czech language exam or present a certificate of completion of Czech language courses, depending on the university.

MSM also offers a year-long preparation in the English language for those who wish to continue their studies in English. The cost of education in Czech universities in English is significantly more affordable than in other European countries.

Academic Year (15.09 – 31.08):

Winter Semester 15.9 – 18.12 (14 weeks):
22-26 hours of language classes per week (English + Czech)

Summer Semester 11.1 – 7.6 (21 weeks):
22-26 hours of language classes per week (Czech + Mathematics)

Dear students, if for any reason you cannot attend the year-long program, there is an opportunity to join a similar half-year program.

Course Hours Plan (depending on the chosen program)

Course Duration15.09 — 31.08
Total Hours620 hours
Czech or English560 hours
Mathematics60 hours
Training4-5 times a week
Sports Uniform+
Meeting, transfer+
MSM Form+
Czech SIM card+
Consultation support+


After completing the course, students take an exam and receive certificates.

MSM Student Care and Support Program.

The International Youth Union, in addition to the sports and educational components of the International Football Academy MSM program + Preparatory courses in Czech and English, provides various services necessary for the successful completion of the program and comfortable adaptation to independent life in the Czech Republic.

Services provided in the Czech Republic:

  1. Assistance in collecting documents and filling in an application for a long-term visa to the Czech Republiс for the duration of the program; providing the documents required for the visa – the confirmation of studies and the confirmation of accommodation.
  2. Processing of Czech medical insurance for the period of studies. Insurance is paid separately by the student. The cost of insurance depends on the covered services.
  3. Meeting students on the day of their arrival in Prague (airport, bus, or railway station).
  4. Connecting student’s phone to a local mobile operator.
  5. Accommodation in the Czech Republic:
    • The cost of living starts from 340 euros/month.
    • Students are obliged to live at their place of residence during the entire course.
  6. Registration at the Foreign Police within 3 working days after arrival in the Czech Republic.
  7. Orientation program in the Czech Republic:
    • Sightseeing tour in Prague with the MSM curators (tour in the city, visiting shopping centers, currency exchange, etc.).
  8. Assistance in nostrification (recognition) of students diploma of secondary and higher education.
  9. Assistance with applications to students chosen universities and educational advisory services and support.
  10. If necessary, we accompany our students to hospitals. Our curators also act as interpreters from English into Czech at doctor’s appointments. The student must have health insurance.
  11. During the period of studies, all consulting and other support on living and studying in the Czech Republic are provided.

To obtain more detailed information, please contact our managers.

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