Fitness Health Academy + English Language (Summer)

Refine yourself with MSM and Xplore Fitness!Follow the trend – be fit! 

The International Union of Youth (MSM) in partnership with Xplore Fitness centers now offers a unique program which allows you not only to travel and learn a language abroad, but also to lead a healthy lifestyle!

In one month you will learn how to get fit in a safe and healthy manner, what type of physical exercises suit you the best and what diet you should follow for efficient training. Improve you English language skills and receive professional qualifications!

Bonus: receive a special Xplore Fitness certificate upon completion of the course! This allows you to work as a fitness instructor in the future.

Xplore Fitness Venceslas and Xplore Fitness Marriott offer over 3 000 sq.m. of spaces equipped with everything necessary for most effective quality training.

Xplore Fitness is a high class international network of fitness centers, which is famous for its professional instructors and coaches, comfortable modern facilities and modern equipment in every single one of their centers.

The coaches regularly participate in sports TV-projects and annually pass a special accreditation system developed by Xplore Fitness. These fitness centers are a primary choice for famous athletes, politics, businessmen and celebrities. To become a member of Xplore Fitness is to join the world of success.

The course also includes English language classes and a rich cultural program. The cultural program will give you a chance to experience Prague and have amazing time during your stay.

Special Fitness Academy Program at Xplore Fitness:

Class Hours Specific
Anatomy 8 hours theory
Physiology 8 hours theory
Biomechanics – technic of exercises 8 hours theory and practice
Functional training 8 hours theory and practice
Stretching – relaxing techniques 4 hours theory and practice
Circuit training 4 hours theory and practice
Creating training plan 4 hours theory and practice
Nutrition 4 hours theory and practice
Test 1 hour
Total 50 hours of studies

Every participant of the course will have an unlimited access to Xplore Fitness fitness centers throughout the month: gym, pool, whirlpool, sauna and Jacuzzi.

English Language Studies: 

  • 50 hours of studies, 3 times a week
  • Studies in MSM Academy/Presto language centers


  • English language course
  • History of the Czech Republic and Central-East European countries

Summer course is held in the following period:

01.07.2018 – 30.07.2018

01.08.2018 – 30.08.2018

The Price Includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Half-board (breakfast and dinner)
  • English language classes (50h)
  • Fitness Health Academy (50h)
  • The cultural program
  • Czech SIM card
  • 1 month transport ticket (all means of transport are included)
  • Meet & Greet in the airport, round transfers

The participants of the Fitness Academy Program upon completing of the course will receive a special certificate for completing the language course and the special fitness program.

Age: from 15 years old


During the program students are staying in hotels Jarov and Villa MSM (U Svobodarny). Photos you can find in our gallery in the albums Jarov and Villa MSM (U Svobodarny).

Cultural Program:

The International Union of Youth prepared the most exclusive way to spend summer time– education along with active sport and eventful vacations!

  1. Welcome party
  2. Orientation program in Prague
  3. Guided tour in Prague, Prague Castle, Charles Bridge
  4. Visit to a museum, exhibition
  5. Vltava River Boat Tour
  6. Visit to the famous Prague Zoo
  7. Swimming pool, beach
  8. The biggest aquapark in the Czech Republic
  9. Night walk in Prague
  10. Organization of sport events
  11. Trip to Karlovy Vary
  12. Trip to Karlstejn Castle
  13. Farewell evening

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