One year Czech language course at MSM Academy

Czech courses in Prague are specially made for those who want to study at Czech universities. The program was developed according to all the requirements for entrance exams to both public and private universities in the Czech Republic.

According to the law of the Czech Republic, foreign students have the right to receive free higher education in the Czech Republic at any state university in Czech. The quality of education offered by the Czech Republic meets all European and international standards.

Czech courses in Prague last one year. During this time, students can not only learn the Czech language but also the culture of the country.

This will help students to easily adapt and successfully study at their chosen university.

Academic year: 15.09 – 31.08

Winter semester: 15.9 – 18.12 (14 weeks)

  • 24 hours of language classes per week (Czech)

Summer semester: 15.1 – 7.6 (21 weeks)

  • 22 hours of language classes per week (Czech + English + profile subjects)
Intensive course General course
Total number of hours 1020 hours 1100 hours
Czech language 800 hours 800 hours
English language 60 hours 60 hours
Mathematics 60 hours 60 hours
Physics 60 hours
Chemistry 60 hours
Biology 60 hours
Two project works 100 hours


The course ends with an exam to confirm the knowledge of the Czech language, which the student gained during the course. The student receives a certificate of the SERR sample, corresponding to the achieved results.

List of the services we provide when you choose our Czech courses in Prague:

  1. Assistance in collecting documents and filling in an application for a long-term visa to the Czech Republiс for the duration of the program; providing the documents required for the visa – the confirmation of studies and the confirmation of accommodation.
  2. Processing of Czech medical insurance for the period of studies. Insurance is paid separately by the student. The cost of insurance depends on the covered services.
  3. Meeting a student on the day of arrival in Prague (airport, bus, or railway station).
  4. Connecting a student’s phone to a local mobile operator.
  5. Accommodation in the Czech Republic:
    • The cost of living starts from 340 euros/month.
    • Students are obliged to live at their place of residence during the entire course.
  6. Registration at the Foreign Police within 3 working days after arrival in the Czech Republic.
  7. Orientation program in the Czech Republic:
    • Sightseeing tour in Prague with the MSM curators (tour in the city, visiting shopping centers, currency exchange, etc.).
  8. Cultural program:
    • Evening of acquaintances
    • Tour in Prague
    • Visiting a museum or an exhibition
    • Boat trip on the Vltava
    • Visiting Prague Zoo
    • Sports events
    • Trip to Karlovy Vary
    • Visiting the water park in Prague
    • Attending a musical evening
    • Farewell party
    • For an additional cost: trips to Germany and Austria
  9. Assistance in nostrification (recognition) of documents on secondary and higher education of a student.
  10. Work with the universities students choose:
    • Assistance in applying for the university
    • Educational advisory services and support
  11. If necessary, we accompany our students to hospitals. Besides, our curators also act as interpreters from English into Czech at doctor’s appointments. The student must have health insurance.
  12. During the first year of studies, all consulting and other support on living and studying in the Czech Republic is provided.

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