One Semester Foundation for Medical and Life Sciences Degrees (CZ or EN) in CULS / CTU

Professional Czech / English Language Classes and Profile Subjects

The program has been designed by the International Union of Youth (MSM) in Prague. The course is targeted for students who want to study medical degrees in the Charles University and biomedicine in the Czech Technical University (CTU) in English language. The classes are conducted in CTU, MSM Academy by high qualified professors of the university.

Studying medicine in English will allow students to find jobs around the world, including well-paid positions in USA and Germany, establish international relations and use the language in their future life.

The Foundation Course at  CULS / CTU  in Prague has been created to assist students with entering to Charles University and Czech Technical University for medical degrees.

Studying medicine at the Charles University (Univerzita Karlova)

Charles University is the oldest university of the Czech Republic and one of the first universities in Europe. It has been established in 1348 by the King Charles IV. Today this university is an absolute leader in medical education in the Czech Republic. There are 5 medical faculties in the university. Each of them has research facilities. Charles University cooperates with the largest Prague hospitals (FH Motol, VFH, UVH, Thomayerov hospital, Hospital Na Bulovce). The graduates have the possibility to take an internship abroad, participate in the international scientific research programs and apply for international scholarships and grants.

Studying biomedicine at the Czech Technical University (CTU)

Due to the cooperation between MSM and CTU, after finishing the course students have an opportunity to apply to the Faculty of Engineering to study in English language.

Starting from 2005, this progressive and comparatively new faculty has combined the work of the medics and researching department. It has a lot of leading braches of study such as nanotechnology in medicine, development of the new biocompatible matters and touch-activated technologies.

The university has the most modern equipment for research and study activities. For example, there is a unique department that simulates the conditions of intensive therapy. The faculty has partnerships with such organizations as Health Technology Assessment in the Czech Republic, EAMBES (The European Alliance for Medical and Biological Engineering and Science) and Erasmus-Mundus CEMACUBE.

Academic year (15.01.2018– 07.06.2018):

Summer semester 15.1 – 7.6 (21 weeks)

22-26 hours of language courses per week (English / Czech + professional subjects)

 Study Plan – Czech Foundation Course: 

Course Name Hours Attendance
Czech language (professional) 380 hours compulsory attendance
Mathematics 60 hours facultative course
Physics 60 hours facultative course
Biology 60 hours facultative course
Chemistry 60 hours facultative course


Study Plan – English Foundation Course:

Course Name Hours Attendance
English language (professional) 380 hours compulsory attendance
Mathematics 60 hours facultative course
Physics 40 hours facultative course
Biology 40 hours facultative course
Chemistry 40 hours facultative course


  1. Documents Assistance: help with filling in a long-term visa application form to the Czech Republic (academic year) for the embassy. We provide all necessary documents.
  2. Provide medical insurance for a period of study (insurance is not included in the program price).
  3. Meeting in Prague and transfer to the place of stay:
    • Providing students with Czech SIM card.
  4. Accommodation in the Czech Republic:
    • Registration in foreign police for international students within the first 3 days.
  5. Orientation program after arrival to the Czech Republic:
    • Introductory sightseeing tour around Prague with the MSM supervisors and main information about the city.
    • Provide student with a transport ticket for 2 months.
  1. Organization of cultural program: 
    • Orientation evening.
    • Excursion around Prague.
    • Visiting museum or exhibition.
    • Excursion along Vltava.
    • Organization of sport activities (paintball, football).
    • Trip to Karlovy Vary.
    • Farewell dinner.
  2. Consultation about the chosen schools in the Czech Republic.
  3. If necessary, we will help to arrange all medical assistance as soon as possible and translate doctor’s comments from Czech language. Health insurance policy is required.
  4. During the period of study assistance and consultations are free, including the questions about accommodation, work and visa regulation.
  5. Help with nostrification (recognition) of secondary and higher education documents.

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