Prague Zoo: 14.08.2019

prague zoo

Walk around the Prague Zoo

On August 14, students of summer programs of the International Union of Youth visited the Czech zoo, which is located near the magnificent Botanical Garden and Troysky Castle.

In total, there are fifteen zoos in the Czech Republic, but in Prague the largest one is situated. This is impressing how giant is the territory of the zoo, because it occupies almost 60 hectares. Although one day is not enough to go around the zoo as a whole, MSM students with coordinators tried to visit as many memorable places as possible, because the weather on this Wednesday was just created for walking!

This zoo is visited not only by parents with children and tourists who want to explore every corner of Prague, but also by the locals.

Tip: If you also decide to visit the Prague Zoo in summer, then choose not a hot day so that you can see as many animals as possible – on hot sunny days they usually hide and rarely go out to people.

In total, the zoo has 12 pavilions, home to almost five thousand different animals: here you will see flamingos and kangaroos, giraffes and elephants, hippos and even a polar bear who enjoys special artificial snow  – the conditions of each animal are maintained on the highest level to make animals feel comfortable.

For example, the “Indonesian Jungle” pavilion always keeps the temperature inside typical for tropical areas. There is a terrace for visitors of the pavilion, from where you can see gibbons, lizards, and the orangutans. It is also interesting to visit the “African Panorama”, the exhibition of lemurs and polar bears, as well as a contact zoo.

All Pavilions, depends of what animals you want to see the most, can be found by signs or by purchasing a map from zoo workers. You can get to the top of the zoo pavilions both on foot and by cable car.

Interesting fact: According to Forbes magazine, the Prague Zoo ranks seventh point in the list of “Best Zoos in the World” between the Chester Zoo in the UK and South Africa’s zoological parks, thanks to hard work to save rare and endangered species of animals.

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