Prague Vinohrady is one of the best areas in the world!

The famous Vinohrady, located in the urban part of Prague 2, was included in the world ranking of the most beautiful, comfortable and developed areas, according to the international publication Time Out.

In the spring of this year, the magazine has already named Prague’s Krzyzikova Street the most beautiful in Europe, and now the beautiful Vinohrady is joining the list.

What made this area so different? The magazine Na Vinohrady, for example, names a huge national diversity among its advantages – the quarter is popular with foreign students and so-called expatriate freelancers who work from home or in coworking spaces and coffee shops. By the way, precisely because of the abundance of places where you can work and study in peace, the Vinohrady district is especially loved by young people: area is full of energy, every morning you can smell a coffee everywhere, and young couples with adorable dogs always walk in parks and squares.

The squares include the Jirzhigo s Podebrady square – a green island surrounded by cozy coffee shops and small meat and fish shops. There is a huge church right in the center with one of the most unusual designs you will ever see, and there are also seasonal markets and fairs on the square throughout the year, where local producers sell honey, dairy products, pastries, sausages, cosmetics, vegetables and hot national Czech dishes.

Don’t miss famous Riegrovy Sady park – the real heritage of the Vinogrady. Amazingly beautiful park with a small pond, incredible fountain that works all year round, sweeping vineyards and artificially created caves. In Prague, it is almost impossible to find a person who has not taken at least a couple of photos in the famous Riegrovy Sady – this place is just stunning.

And, of course, let’s not forget about such necessary objects for the area as a supermarket (on Vinohrady the Czech Albert is a monopolist), and the so-called drogeries – shops of cosmetics and household chemicals. Life in Prague 2 will spoil you with walking distance to all the necessary locations.

Well, are you already dreaming of moving to Vinohrady?

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