Prague Quest: 17.06.2019

prague quest

Perform creative tasks and explore Prague at the same time

On 17th June, for students of the summer courses of the International Union of Youth was organized an exciting quest in the capital of the Czech Republic called “The Mystery of the Black Swan”, which includes many exciting tasks that help you to get to know Prague and its sights.

At the beginning, the students were divided into six teams, each of which began its journey at its starting point, where they received the first briefing and assignment from the coordinators.

Coordinators dressed in costumes of various fairy-tale characters: the little mermaid, pirate, stargazer, angel and demon, mage, the Snow Queen and other fairy-tale heroes, gave each a common quest legend on the old papyrus for each group. The legend, like the whole quest, was devoted not only to discover different Prague sights, but also to test and additionally practice knowledge of the English language. The guys solved creative tasks about English grammar and facts from foreign classical literature, and also participated in creative competitions, the goal of which was a teambuilding and raising of the team spirit.

The theme of the competition was not chosen by chance! The image of a black swan is the emblem of the business center, where the main office of MSM is located. All teams had to visit twelve points with fascinating riddles and surprises.

The coordinators were always in touch, ready to help each student in case of any non-standard situation or additional questions about the tasks. Previously students were given cards so that participants do not get lost. The quest was fun and active – all teams coped with the tasks in just two hours, and the winners, who were the first to find the “black swan feather”, received not only entertaining, but also sweet prizes.

The competition was really interesting for students. They managed to solve the most various creative tasks of the quest in one day in order to get to the final point of the game.

The team of the International Union of Youth gathered for you a full photo report “Quest in the capital of the Czech Republic”, which you can find below, you can download the most memorable moments. Some of the photos you can also see in our Instagram.

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