Prague is No. 7 in the list of the best cities in the world!

According to the American magazine “Time Out”, the Czech capital has entered the top 37th best cities globally, overtaking London, Los Angeles and Barcelona.

The site surveyed 27 000 respondents to make a rating of cities that could make citizens’ lives as comfortable as possible during the pandemic. In addition to critical public initiatives, the Time Out team also considered the city’s culture and nightlife, local restaurants’ cuisine level, the standard of living, and residents’ general mood.  According to the article’s authors, residents’ appreciation of the capital during the pandemic is the main factor putting the city at the top of the rating.

The Time Out magazine editor-in-chief Caroline McGinn said that the list marked the cities that were able to adjust to the unpleasant conditions caused by the epidemiological situation: “It seems that the pandemic can change citizens’ lifestyle forever. However, the results show that the sense of community in critical times is stronger than ever. People support each other, as well as local businesses and community actions; many of us have even learned to have fun in the cities we were locked in.”

One of the main advantages of Prague was a vast number of parks, areas for walking dogs and playing sports, lawns where you can comfortably sit down with a blanket and have a picnic, and squares with fountains and small ponds.

It is worth mentioning that Prague is just a charming city, where walking around saves from sudden melancholy at any time of the year!

Everyone should visit Prague at least once, but the luckiest are those who manage to move here. You may become one of them today.

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