Prague Castle Museum: 09.07.2019

The most famous Prague landmark

Why is Prague Castle so famous? We decided to find out with the students of Summer Educational MSM Programs and, taking the best guide with us, on July 9 we all went on an tour to Prague Castle!

To visit Prague and not to visit Prague Castle is a huge mistake! After all, this is not only the largest palace complex in the world, but also the soul of Prague, as well as the most popular tourist attraction that everyone who comes to the Czech Republic wants to see.

Our MSM students visited the famous Golden Lane, where you can walk along the cozy old pavement and buy local Czech souvenirs. Above the houses of the streets there is a gallery of the Middle Ages, where tourists can admire the appearance of ancient weapons and armor and, among other things, they could try out some weapons by themselfs – totally safe and sound! Student have paid a lot of attention to small local houses: for example, “The healer’s small room” is one of great interest – there are ancient drugs and medicinal herbs exhibited even to this day.

An interesting fact: On the Golden Lane the famous Czech writer Franz Kafka used to live. In 1917 his home was located in the house number 22, where today you will find a bookstore. It is known that the writer often experienced a crisis of creativity — his sister bought such a small house so that he could change the situation and gain new impressions needed in the writing industry.

Students also passed by the St. George’s Basilica, Matiash Gates, St. Vitus Cathedral, whose construction took almost 600 years, and also appreciated the beauty of the Great South Tower of the Cathedral. After the walk around the Prague Castle, students admired a beautiful view which opens from the top of the southern tower of St. Vitus Cathedral.

Below you can find a detailed photo report from the walk “Unforgettable Tour to Prague Castle” – remember that some photos you can also find on Instagram.

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