Prague Castle 08.02.2020

Prague Castle

Many tourists love Prague precisely thank to the great amount of the beautiful monuments. A tour of Prague Castle is undoubtedly on the “Places to visit before you die” list. On February 8, 2020, a trip through this great and famous place was organized for students of one semester language program of MSM.

Prague Castle is the largest castle in the Czech Republic situated along the top of the hill. It was founded in the 9th century and to this day is the largest historical, political and cultural center of the country, as well as the largest castle complex in the world.

The guide told students about the history of Prague Castle and showed all the main places and attractions. So, they visited the observation deck in the Theresian wing, walked along the famous Golden Lane, took many photos on the backdrop of the Gothic St. Vitus Cathedral and saw the whole Old Town from the observation deck.

The Prague Castle tour is memorable not only due to its great sights and rich history, but also thanks to the changing of the guard ceremony, which is accompanied by an orchestra.  The residence of the president is situated on the territory of the castle complex, which is guarded by an elite guard.

A photographer accompanied the students on a trip to capture the most interesting moments. Check out the photo story from this day below. We also have Instagram, where we regularly publish moments from the life of MSM students and all relevant information.

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