Prague Castle: 03.07.2019

How we learned the history of Prague in one day

On July 3, we have planned an entertainment program for our students, the theme of which was a tour of old Prague, including the most outstanding beauties of Prague, followed by tourists from all over the world: a walk through Prague Castle, the Hradcany district and Mala Strana. If last time students of summer programs and their coordinators could observe the architecture of old Prague from the side – on a sightseeing tour on a boat, today they feel like filled with ancient history even more, having personally visited the main sights.

First of all, students visited the famous Prague Castle, which is under the protection of UNESCO, and, moreover, listed in the Guinness Book of Records as a castle complex with the largest area in the world, because the word “hrad” is translated from the Czech language as a castle.

Prague Castle is also famous for the fact that the current residence of the President is located on its territory. Among other things, if you stay at the gate a little longer, then you can see how every hour there is a process of changing the guard – Guardians of hail from the presidential guard. If you arrive at exactly noon, then the changing of the guard takes place with the sounds of a live orchestra.

In the environs of the city there is the famous Golden Lane – on an unusually tiny scale for a modern person, but cozy in its own way, as well as a viewing terrace, St. George’s Basilica, and, of course, the Cathedral of St. Vitus.

On a wide viewing platform, students took a lot of beautiful photos, some of which we also posted to Instagram, where we post news about all trips for MSM students for summer, winter, spring and autumn programs. One of the most fascinating views of Prague opens from the site – locals and tourists sometimes stand here for a long time to enjoy the atmosphere of the city and feel the spirit of not only medieval but also modern Prague.

Not far from Prague Castle there is Mala Strana, which means “a small or a smaller side”, which used to be something like a merchant district, but later became a concentration of the Czech nobility and high-ranking nationals of other states.

We hope that students enjoyed the tour and wish that they always had the desire and opportunity to discover new magical places in Prague.

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