Prague aquapark 09.01.2020

Prague aquapark

A trip to the Prague aquapark is always a wave of emotions and impressions! Water slides, saunas, pools, fitness and all this in one place, such a trip can definitely please adults and children. Moreover, one of the most interesting aquapark in Central Europe  — Aquapalace is located in Prague. It is also the largest aquapark in the Czech Republic.

Students of the MSM winter camp on January 9th, 2020 went to explore the marine world of the Prague aquapark. Students spent time merrily and with pleasure: ride from water slides, dive, swim, organize competitions among themselves. To ensure that nothing happened with the students, MSM coordinators and Czech professional rescuers watched responsibly.

There are 14 different saunas in the aquapark. There is a Finnish bathhouse, a Roman one, and a light 30-degree one, and for those who like it hotter — a 90-degree one. It is also very interesting to attend the ceremony, where a specialist pours stones with special aromatic oils and a large fan or towel with music sends hot fragrant air to the guests of the sauna.

But most of all, students liked the huge variety of pools and water slides. The whole water world occupies 9,150 m2, so you can spend the whole day here and not even notice how quickly time flew by.

We are happy to organize various events for our students, because the holidays should be fulfilled, varied and productive. To capture your emotions, we invited a photographer.

Below you can look at photos that captured the smiles, laughter and lively emotions of students. We also regularly publish photos from the lives of MSM students in our Instagram.

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