Pedagogical Faculty: Open Days

Open days are already a traditional event, which is held for entrants. Their main goal is to bring candidates closer to the future learning process so that they do not have to worry and get a full review of the university.

6.12.2017 our students visited the Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University!

Charles University in Prague is the most prestigious higher educational institution in the Czech Republic and the oldest university in Central Europe, which was founded in 1348 by the Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV.

The Pedagogical faculty carries out not only pedagogical, but also scientific activity. In addition to anthologies, textbooks and publications, the faculty publishes different magazines: Alma Mater, Music Education, Pedagogy, Special Education and Arts Education.

The part of the open day is a presentation of all disciplines, an excursion conducted by students in the main building, as well as the opportunity to talk with them about how the education at the Pedagogical Faculty.

It was very informative and useful to find out details about all specialties! From the presentation on the specialty “Psychology” I am very impressed, and want to return to the walls of Charles University, but already as a student. Tatiana Fomina, student of the MSM Academy

The students noted the excellent organization of the event! Our students left the Open Doors Day with inspiration and motivation!