Old Town Tour: 16.08.2019

Old Town Tour

Walking in the most famous places in Prague

On August 16, students of the International Union of Youth summer educational programs headed to the Old City Tour. The place of gathering was Wenceslas Square or, as the Czechs themselves call it, “Vatslavak” – the first place where a tourist goes, when he just arrived in the city. This square is the place where the main sightseeing routes in Prague cross.

In addition, the area is also of great importance to local residents – meetings and demonstrations are gathering here, as well as many important historical events took place here. It was on the square when the end of World War II was first announced; this place was visited by many famous personalities: presidents, actors, singers and even astronauts.

The square was named after St. Wenceslas, considered the patron saint of the Czech Republic. Until the mid-19th century, horses were traded on the square, so this place was called the Horse Market. The form of the square, as we can see it now, began shape at the beginning of the 20th century, when shops and other services began to open massively here.

Looking at Wenceslas Square, it is impossible not to notice the sculpture located in front of the National Museum. This is a sculpture of St. Wenceslas himself, riding a horse. Here, locals often arrange meetings to find each other in the crowd of tourists.

Interesting fact! You can find a parody of the monument in the “Lucerna” building – the horse of St. Wenceslas is suspended upside down, and his rider sits on the horse belly, isn’t that funny?

The students’ also passed by the sculpture “Commander” or, another name for it, “Cloak of Conscience” by Anna Chromi, not far from the Estates Theater. The sculpture was installed in 2000 and, according to the creator, symbolizes the memory of centuries of human talent.

Students also visited the Old Town Square, appreciated the appearance of the famous Astronomical Clock, and admired the Tyn Church, whose towers rise 70 meters above the square. Inside, tourists can view almost twenty beautiful altars, an ancient tin font, as well as a statue of the Madonna and Child.

Below you can find a detailed photo report from the tour around the Old City. Do not forget to subscribe to our Instagram.

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