New Year in Prague

New Year’s Eve is the most important family holiday for us, but for the Czechs this function is successfully performed by Christmas. And here’s what the Czechs do on New Year’s Eve, we’ll tell you in today’s article.

To begin with, the most magical night of the year in the Czech Republic is called Silvestr, and it is customary to celebrate it in style! This is not an ordinary family get-together, but a great excuse to really have fun in a large and noisy company of friends, acquaintances and people who may become friends and acquaintances after the New Year’s Eve. Czechs try to leave the city to leave the capital to the tourists who come to Prague in huge numbers. It is worth saying that Prague in the New Year’s Eve looks just extraordinary! All the main architectural monuments are decorated with light bulbs, bells ring around the city and musicians play live Christmas music, and on the Old Town Square they decorate a huge holiday tree.

Students usually go home for New Year’s Eve, but those who stay know that they would not be bored, because Prague is a perfect city to celebrate the New Year! Almost all institutions organize parties with entertainment program, so you can make a wish with Bengal lights under the main Christmas tree or on the Charles Bridge and then go to a party. And although the snow in winter in Prague is a rare phenomenon, the Czech Republic is a warm enough country, the weather will not disappoint you! Light frost and clear skies, sunshine and dry streets perfectly complement the bright light installations that the capital of the Czech Republic is dressed up in on New Year’s Eve.

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