Mystical Prague: 12.06.2019

mystery steets of prague

What do mystical streets really mean?

On June 12, mystical Prague opened to our students of summer educational programms in all its glory – everything that was previously hidden behind the facades of modern life, business haste or flashes of tourists’ cameras is in the past – in seconds we plunged into legends, ancient legends about the city and looked at historical streets completely. No wonder this city often turns out to be a platform for shooting mystical films.

If once, walking through Prague, you caught yourself feeling something supernatural or magical, then this is no accident, because this city has the largest number of local legends and stories about spirits and ghosts! Who knows, maybe all this is not just stories?

Such a walk is the best for the evening, because, as the guides say, in the evening lighting Prague and its history are opened from a completely unusual side: for example, the story of a headless horseman still wandering the streets, stories about Princess Libuse, who has the gift to see the future, as well as about the famous Golem, who fell victim to his creator, the alchemist Maharal. There is a hypothesis that the name “Golem” comes from “gelem”, which means raw material in Hebrew. Golem was created by the Kabbalistic doctrine and was intended to serve the Jewish community.

Of course, all this sounds like a fairy tale, but it is historically confirmed that Prague was once the center of concentration of the most famous alchemists of its century, who flocked here from all over Europe on the initiative of Rudolph II, who dreamed of finding the philosopher’s stone. It is known that he actively sponsored the studies of alchemists, studied Kabbalah and was very interested in occult sciences himself. Some of the scientists he called to come in Prague lived on Zlata Lane, where MSM had already taken students as part of the tour to Prague Castle.

Those who considered themselves magicians and witches, alchemists and astrologers firmly established themselves in Prague in the distant Middle Ages, even before the Charles Bridge was built.

The tour was really interesting even to those who are not particularly interested in history – the students explored every nook and cranny and looked at the places where those same legendary characters lived.

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