MSM Quest: 24.08.2019


Special contest for students from MSM

On August 24, students of the summer educational programs of the International Union of Youth took part in an event specially designed and developed for them – an exciting quest in Prague.

At eight P.M., all of them were delivered to the first starting point of the quest – Narodni Museum in Prague. The venue was not chosen by chance – from the Narodni Museum, which is adjacent to many historical buildings, the search for the main prize began.

Each group of students had to get their own unique route along which they went, solving puzzles, as well as completing tasks of various competitions, for example, to the most creative photo.

For the start, MSM students received a full instruction about the quest, as well as about the Legend of the Black Swan.

An interesting fact: “Black Swan” is a reference to the name of the business center where the MSM office is located. A black swan figurine can be found right at the front door.

Having solved one task, students understood where the next point was, where they were supposed to come and where the further clue was located.

We would like to thank all of the coordinators who, dressed up in costumes of various characters: a pirate, the Snow Queen, a mermaid and even a rat, were waiting for students in the next stages of the quest and helping their students for the whole evening.

The fastest, smartest and most united team, which came to the finish line first, received its big prize, as well as another encouragement from MSM in the form of a fifteen-minute game in laser tag.

The International Union of Youth is proud of the winners, but also wants to remind the guys who came to the finish line later – each of them did the great job either! The quest tasks were by no means easy, but they brought students a lot of fun minutes, during which they pumped their knowledge of the language, as well as of Prague itself with its attractions.

Below you can find a photo report from the quest – do not forget to save the most memorable photos. Subscribe also to our Instagram, where the latest news from the life of students is regularly published.

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