Modern Berlin: 27.07.2019

modern berlin

City of creativity and European creativity!

Nowhere, except in Berlin, you will not find such a unique mixture of cultures and customs – on July 27, students of the summer educational program of the International Union of Youth went to explore this unusual modern Berlin with a guide under the supervision of curators. Earlier we visited German cities: the capital of Bavaria – Munich, and Dresden, the home of the Volkswagen auto concern, but Berlin exceeded all our expectations in terms of architecture and the spirit of the city itself.

Of course, no city can be discussed apart from its inhabitants. Berlin is famous for the fact that the most creative people of Europe flock here to develop and sell their talent to the world: fashion weeks are held here, street art is widely developed, and here you can taste the most outstanding culinary masterpieces.

Such trips around Europe are a great opportunity to spread your horizons without spending a lot of time on transport, studying in Prague is convenient because of your student’s multivisa that allows you to travel freely in the Schengen countries! Add to this a small distance and student discounts and get the perfect cocktail for fast and inexpensive travel!

MSM students visited the famous Brandenburg Gate, which is the symbol of Berlin in all the paintings and postcards, and also looked at the famous Berlin Cathedral. During the excursion, students bypassed the Reichstag building, that had turned the whole history of Europe.

Interesting fact! The Soviet flag was set for several years on the Brandenburg Gate after the Soviet victory in World War II.

At the end of the excursion, students had free time, which they could spend on souvenir shops, snack bars and restaurants with traditional German dishes, or once again enjoy the beauties of the city that they liked most.

We remind you that MSM have the opportunity to enroll not only for short summer vacation programs, but also annual educational courses, the main purpose of which is to prepare a student for Czech universities.