Medicine in the CR: 15.08.2019


Seminar “Medicine in the Czech Republic. Higher education and approbation of doctors “

On August 15 at 19:30 was held a seminar on the topic “Medicine in the Czech Republic. Higher education and approbation for doctors” in the business center “Alatau Grand” in the co-working space “ The HUB”.

Branch Director Aizhan Zharkimbekova opened a seminar with a brief presentation on the International Union of Youth and its branch in Almaty and spoke in detail about the Czech Republic as a country where future students will spend several years while they study at the university. The attendees learned all about the standard of living in the country, training and employment opportunities, salary levels, as well as the possibility of traveling to countries included in the Schengen zone. Then the speaker spoke about universities with medical faculties: Charles University, Masaryk University in Brno and the University of Palatskogo in Olomouc.

Aigerim Tursagulova, regional manager of MSM in Almaty, continued to talk about such universities in the Czech Republic as: Czech Technical University, University of Chemical Technology and University of Ostrava. The speaker spoke in more detail about the benefits for foreign students after graduating from medical schools in the Czech Republic: what are the salaries, is there a high demand not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Austria and Germany. Then Aigerim explained the whole scheme of entering for foreigners to universities, how the exams for medicine, biotechnology and biochemistry are conducted.

The speaker also spoke in detail about the foundation programs for admission to medical faculties at the Czech Technical University and their cost. In addition, Aigerim described what are the main costs that student spend on living.

The manager also presented the program “Career of a doctor in the Czech Republic”, including all the stages of the process of approving a foreign diploma that a doctor needs for further employment in the Czech Republic, and the cost of the foundation program, as well as all attempts at approbation exams At the end, Aigerim presented a list of services provided by MSM in this program.

The seminar was attended by 25 people – there were many questions about the approbation process, approximate dates for passing exams. The differences in the medical education system between Kazakhstan and the Czech Republic were also discussed. The managers of the MSM Almaty branch hope that the seminar was as informative and useful as possible for the guests.

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