Logistics in the Czech universities

Logistics is a highly complex system that is used in almost all fields of human life and if it is used skilfully, any company will be successful. Nowadays, Logistician is required in almost every company, because thanks to logistics there is a continuous circulation of goods and transport, information, financial and material resources are planned and regulated.

There are several disciplines within this industry:

  • manufacturing logistics;
  • procurement logistics;
  • transport logistics;
  • Information logistics;
  • Distribution logistics.

The task of logistics is to optimise the processes of transporting goods or people, ensuring delivery:

  • at the appointed time;
  • at a designated place;
  • in a certain quantity;
  • in the required quality and with the required service;
  • at optimum cost.

The logistician, for his part, must always be aware of the current location of the goods, the stages of their processing and be ready every minute to deal with issues that arise during the entire delivery process on the way to the recipient. Practical skills and personal qualities are of great importance in this profession. Logisticians need to be highly disciplined and have the stamina to make decisions in the event of unforeseen situations in the work process (deadlines, transport breakdowns, suppliers or employees not acting in good faith).

Given the importance of this profession, applicants can study it in Czech Republic at the following universities:

  1. ČVUT – Technical University in Prague:

The Faculty of Transport offers a Bachelor’s degree programme in Logistics and Transport Process Management, with the possibility of further upgrading skills and knowledge already in the Master’s programme.

  1. UTB – Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín:

It offers to study Logistics at the Faculty of “Logistics and Crisis Management” as a bachelor’s programme and to continue to deepen the profession already in the master’s programme Logistics System Security.

  1. UPCE – University of Pardubice:

Logistics is offered at the “Jan Perner Faculty of Transport” as a Bachelor’s programme, after which each student can choose a narrower direction in Master’s programme – Transport Management, Marketing and Logistics or Technology and Management of Transport Processes.

  1. TUL – Technical University of Liberec:

It offers to approach the study of Logistics from the perspective of information technology by offering a Bachelor’s programme Informatics and Logistics at the Faculty of Mechatronics, Informatics and Interdisciplinary Sciences.

  1. VŠE – Graduate School of Economics in Prague:

Logistic processes are studied at this university within several specialisations such as International Business, where international trade operations are the leading subject, or Business Management, which is also inextricably linked with logistics.

In all universities, the aim is to produce highly qualified graduates, which means that great emphasis is placed on the practical application of the knowledge acquired, thus guaranteeing successful employment, and in many cases this happens while you are still studying.

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