Karlovy Vary: 27.06.2020

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On June 27, 2020, MSM Foundation Programs students went on their first journey after the lifting of quarantine in the Czech Republic. This time they had a trip to Karlovy Vary – the most famous Czech spa town. In just 2 hours, a comfortable bus took our students, accompanied by an experienced guide, a professional photographer, and caring coordinators from Prague to the destination.

The founding father of the city is the Czech king Charles IV. According to the legend, the king saw a young deer while hunting in these areas. He ordered to let the dogs down but the deer ran away from the riders and, finding himself on the edge of the cliff, jumped into the gorge with thick steam and disappeared. When the king and his retinue went down looking for a deer, they found a fountain with hot water, which gushed from the very ground. The king washed himself in the spring and felt its healing power: his leg stopped hurting. Immediately after this Charles IV built a village around the source – modern Karlovy Vary.

Our trip to Karlovy Vary was filled not only with fascinating legends but also with a practical acquaintance of students with the healing springs of the city. In total, there are 12 thermal springs and one geyser in Karlovy Vary. The guide showed the students the most popular of them. Karlovy Vary is also famous for its film festival and delicious waffles – oplatky.

So, our trip to Karlovy Vary was interesting and exciting, the students looked at the new city, and were filling with new strength waiting for this autumn when they will have their first year as students of a Czech university!

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